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Welcome to my Blog.

My Name Axia Rita

I'm content writer and digital marketer with over 10 years of work experience in content writing, marketing, brand communications, and public relations.

Internet has changed how human connected each other. In the past, it will need hours, days and even months to send message from one area to other area. Nowadays, with internet, you don’t need to wait that long. In fact, you can do it instantly. You can even send message and communicate with other people from the other side of the Earth directly. In simplest way, internet has made our world become much smaller. And this condition gave birth to the area where business world can used to expand their business range as well as new market that they can aim. They are the internet user/consumer. This is where the digital advertising starts to become one of important part of business. Without it, these companies won’t be able to reach this new market. And, in order to use this new method, they will need help from digital marketing agencies. This situation happens in all countries, including Indonesia.

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